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Software Development Team Structure Set Up

So, these are the core professionals that can help you create and promote your web product. However, remember that you may require other specialists to meet certain needs of your project. The best way to define what specialists you really need is to consult with professionals in this sphere. These specialists work with text and create written content corresponding to your brand voice. They collaborate with SEO specialists to optimize their writing for search engines like Google.

web development team structure

So if you’re going to set goals, you should sit down with management to discuss the company’s business needs and the client’s expectations. Synchronous communication tools (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet) allow the team to have more inclusive discussions where everyone can contribute in real-time. It’s also a good way to promote interactions among team members and build trust. They’re the ones who ensure the websites your team builds are visible on the search engine pages when anyone comes looking.

The Web Development Team: Key Roles and Functions

The button reacts to actions, changes color, or starts an animation, but it can do nothing else on its own. This is because the user interface is just the shell of your site. While some companies provide their clients with the full range of specialists they may need for a project, others do not. Knowing the structure of the web development company you intend to work with will help you with communication. In this article, we describe the structure of a web development team and give tips on how to set up a good website development team.

So, you recently decided that it is the right time that your business gets a web application and you start looking for a good organizational structure of a web development company. There was a reason that since childhood we’re constantly reminded of this fact and every team sport or group project made us realize the significance of teamwork. Later on, as we stepped into the workforce, we became all the more clear why teamwork is actually essential.

Avoid these mistakes while setting up your Website Development Team

The button reacts these actions, it changes the color or runs animation but nothing else happens. Regardless of the test stages, the QA assurance will compile the results of the testing and revert to the developers in charge. The developers will then address any irregularities before moving on to the next stage.

  • SEO specialists analyze industry keywords, compiling a list of those your potential customers use when searching for your services.
  • But our experience shows that it is better to contact the contractor directly, ask questions about their experience, range of services, cost, and then look at case studies.
  • Nomad, a web app that we’ve built for a real-estate startup in UAE, shows what our web development team is capable of.
  • Build and maintain the technology required to power the components created by the front-end developers.
  • So, hold off the thought of hiring a freelancer to build an e-commerce store or a membership website like Udemy.
  • In fact, the earlier you start implementing testing activities, the less will be the probability of reworks, bugs, and unexpected problems.

There is a common myth that a cross-functional team is a band of exchangeable experts who can swap their roles if required. The project Manager decides the timeframe of a sprint, which could be a few days or a couple stages of team development team building of weeks. The Project Manager is also accountable for defining the web development project delivery and release dates. We have described the most compelling solutions and approaches to meet challenges and advantages.

LaSoft’s web development team structure

It was really helpful, specially for the people like me who has just started in this field. I have worked with many web companies and one thing that I found common in al of those was there support system. If you have a good support system then there is no doubt that you will succeed. Thanks for taking the time to share what you experienced with us. Put simply, the marketing strategist does everything possible to attract the right audience and inspire them to act.

However, for the most part, a UI Designer role focuses mainly on the visual experience rather than the workflow. The main idea of testing is the prevention of low-quality products from being released into the market. QA engineer analyses the code from another side, which is not available for the person who is writing the code.

This saved them a lot of time and effort and they could more effectively work on projects. XPLG is an Israeli company that focuses on developing DevOps analytics tools and has been doing so for over a decade. When trying to create its team structure, XPLG tried to outsource its members, but they ended up with more PMs than developers. This led to miscommunication and a waste of time and energy resources.

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A project manager is like an anchor of the web development team that takes accountability for planning, organizing, executing, and monitoring the entire web development process. A project manager’s primary responsibility is to mitigate the project’s risks and deliver the project on time. He/she starts all the processing after choosing the right technology stack for web development.

web development team structure

There are several essential roles for a strong web development startup team structure. First, you need a project manager to oversee your team throughout every stage of the process. In addition, a requirements analyst is essential to determine the project scope and communicate with clients. Next, developers are core team members to program your applications and manage technological tools. Moreover, UI/UX designers can help build prototypes and help determine your app’s market success. Furthermore, a successful development team also employs a QA engineer to deploy high performing websites and apps.

Business representative:

In case you need to upgrade your website, you will need to pay again if you outsource. Unlock your business potential with our committed team driving your success. Employees getting paid right and on time will add more value to your company especially if they felt valued. Yet, more teams will require more coordination and supervision, which you definitely should take into account when taking care of this matter. Allow setting communication and coordinating the efforts of team members easier. If you already have in-house resources, evaluate the skills gaps you need to fill in and search for targeted talent to extend your team.

Q: How Do You Augment Your Software Development Team?

The visualized wireframe of the website serves as technical guidance for developers and also helps you to understand the overall architecture of the website. To do that, a product manager not only has to be adept in technical knowledge but also understands the business side of the website. They need to prioritize the web features, determine, which needs to be included in the MVP, collect metrics, check if the unit economy works and make proper changes based on the collected data. Resist the temptation to let your programmers “play,” as you can end up with a very pretty site that does none of the things you need. This person handles the back-end and front-end coding of the site, with the potential to outsource website refreshes when they happen (at a lower rate because you’re doing your own maintenance).

First, a project manager is essential for any successful web development startup structure. Typically, the project manager oversees all of the processes throughout the entire project. Many of these tasks include customer communication, project scheduling, and task allocation. In addition, this team leader is usually responsible for providing time estimates for your web development projects and planning out human resource efforts. As the business owner, this may be the best role you can fulfill to oversee your team.

Back-end developers are responsible for the implementation of the web app’s business logic & designing of a server architecture for a web app. Apart from these, a back-end developer is often responsible for development-operation work, like maintenance of server infrastructure, updating & release of new versions of the web app. No web application is complete without the user interface and user experience design. However, many people have trouble differentiating UI & UX design, and if you are one of them, then let us clear your confusion. No application development team structure is incomplete without designers. Led by a project manager and assisted by a project architect, your future web development team should consist of UI/UX designers, front-end and back-end developers, and QA engineers.

Plus, it’s more common for companies with up to employees to use such an approach. There are many reasons why teams for similar projects may have varying numbers of team members. These reasons include your own preferences, the project’s difficulty, and the development timeframe. There’s just one team member we haven’t talked about yet – the Quality Assurance specialist.

At some point we learned that involving cross functional, collocated teams helps to maximize value, eliminate waist, and make chances of project and client business success much higher. A QA engineer, a tester, analyzes web applications, tests the projects’ quality, finds bugs, and gets them fixed. This is a significant process and takes more time to ensure quality. For example, once the development team develops a module, feature, or functionality, the tester takes the job in hand and performs rigorous testing. If there’s any bug, they report back to the development team and get it fixed. The second testing is carried out once the project is fully developed.

Web Designers (UI/UX Designers)

The Project Architect is needed in the early stages of the development process, but once the project is approved, the Architect continues to work only part-time, being tied to other projects. The Project Architect remains responsible for the quality and logic of the interaction between the backend and the frontend, as well as the integration of the application. For the most part, the whole development process is no longer limited to programming or coding and its underlying tasks. The overall success of the whole project does not only depend on the code but the solution it supplies to the problem that the business is trying to provide. To achieve this, the team should include experienced team members who can bring commendatory skills to the table.

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